Q Eye movement function and voice function
A: Yes, some products are movable.
There is an additional charge for voice function

Q Is it possible to wear clothes and accessories for love dolls?
A Please note the following points as measures to prevent color transfer.
Avoid wearing clothing that may cause color transfer.
Carefully check the washing label to see if the color fades when washed with water.
Before putting it on, test it for color transfer on the accessory hole cover or in an inconspicuous place on the product.
Wear white underwear or stockings under your clothes so that the fabric does not come into direct contact with the product.

Q Is the material of the product safe for the human body?
A We use the highest quality materials and have inspection reports from all directions.
CE application authorization certificate and ROHS application authorization certificate

Q Is it possible to take a bath or shower?
A The connection between the head and body is not waterproof, so be careful not to let water get in through it. Non-irritating body soap can be used elsewhere.

Q How to store after cleaning
A If your skin becomes sticky, apply talcum powder (baby powder) and let it dry. ● After cleaning, dry with a towel and apply talcum powder (baby powder). Do not use a hair dryer.

Q Can I change my nails?
A Yes, you can buy artificial nails on the market.

Q How do you feel your skin?
A The skin has a beautiful, natural luster and a smooth feel. The doll will give you an experience you have never experienced before.